Latest News! (Howard's Blog)

Certainly 2020 is fast becoming an unprecedented time period for the world.  As we wait for the outcome of this pandemic that is gripping the whole world, perhaps some listening time can be found for your favorite music.  I have several different projects that you can check out here on the website.  You'll find stylistically a lot of variation from my long career both touring and in the studio.

    Here is some great new news on the Zon front......Rock Candy, a respected label in the UK has just re-released Astral Projector with new mastering and 4 bonus tracks!!!   One of which has never been released.  You can hear a snippet of it on the bottom of my website here.  "The Battle".  Here is the link for purchasing:

     Aldenfield is a prog band that I put together with Jim Morris from Morrisound and is a project I'm particularly proud of. 

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