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     Welcome to my website one and all!!  

     Rock Candy, a respected label in the UK, is about to re-release Zon's 2nd album "Back Down To Earth".  I did an interview this morning with the editor of Rock Candy magazine and I found myself looking back at that album with a little bit of "seasoned" perspective with regards to that project.  Zon had enjoyed good success with the 1st album and I was looking forward to recording a 2nd LP.  Truth be told, things were not all "warm and fuzzy" with the recording of that project.  For one thing we had TWO producers, Dale Jacobs and Don Lorusso.  This has its own built in difficulties and I believe the final product was not the record we were capable of making.  

     Rock Candy also has re-released Zon's first album, "Astral Projector".  This  remastered version includes 4 bonus tracks!! One of which, "The Battle", is a composition of mine that was a staple in the live show but never released on an album.

Here is the link to Rock Candy's website: Check out Brian's guitar solo on the full version of Hollywood!  I sure wish that had been the version on the first album.

Don't forget, the ZON Live! CD is available on this website too!!

      Aldenfield  is a prog rock project that I put together in 2017 with three amazing musical friends of mine. (Jim Morris, Mark Prator and Ruben Drake).  This is a project I am particularly proud of.  Samples available on the Aldenfield page. The CD is available in the store for download and hard copy. I believe this is the best album I have ever done.     


      Another CD I have available is The Quietest Moments.  This is a collection of piano based pieces some of which have kind of a world music flavor.  It's good music for relaxing, meditating or just chillin' round the house.

     I have decided to make available for download, several of my New age, trance, meditation, relaxation pieces that I've written and performed.  Some of these pieces are 30 min. in length so I have posted a price of $5 each for each of the these tracks. I hope that any of these pieces will help you in your day to day "chillin' out" time.  We all need to spend some time each day in restful meditation. 

That's all for now, please be safe and take care of each other.


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