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         Happy New Year to all of you in digital land in 2021. Everyone has lived a year (2020) of confusion, fear, turmoil, wonder and more.  A pandemic in our life time was certainly unexpected.  I won't take the space, time or any other dimension to express what a shock this has been to artists everywhere.  Literally, I have been unemployed since February.  Because I am a professional musician, I am not a qualified recipient of federal or state assistance.  Kind of gives you a clear view of what the government thinks of artists and their worth.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Don't worry.  In the meantime I've tuned up my setup and am ready to tour whenever the go ahead is given.  It blows my mind to use the new plug ins available for computer and digital audio workstations that emulate the old keyboards.  I have a collection that back in the day, with physical keyboards would take a good size road crew and truck to move around.  In today's world I can bring all of those classic keyboards with me in the form of digital plugins.  Although I think I might always have room for my single manual Hammond B-3 and Leslie speaker.


      Aldenfield  is a progressive rock band that I put together with three of my best musical friends and three of the finest players in Tampa, FL.  (Jim Morris, Mark Prator and Ruben Drake).  This is a project I am particularly proud of.  Samples available on the Aldenfield page.      

      On the ZON front......Rock Candy, a respected label in the UK, has re-released Zon's first album, "Astral Projector".  With new mastering and 4 bonus tracks!!!   One of which has never been released.  You can hear a snippet of it on the bottom of my website here.  "The Battle".  Here is the link for purchasing:  

Don't forget Zon Live! is available on this website

      Another CD I have available is The Quietest Moments.  This is a collection of piano based pieces some of which have kind of a world music flavor.  It's good music for relaxing, meditating or just chillin' round the house.

 I wrote the opening track on the new Pinnacle Point album on Escape Music.  You can order it at  I played keys on several tracks too.  You'll note guest appearances from Jim Morris and Mark Prator from Aldenfield. 



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