Latest News! (Howard's Blog)

Working on new tracks right now for the second Pinnacle Point album.  I played some keys on the first one and am having great fun working on this second release on Escape Music out of the U.K.  I have even written a couple of songs for this album. Also, I've been recording tracks for the new Lightspeed CD which reunites me with my old friend and original bassist for Zon, Rod Chappell.  I am certainly getting busier as we get into 2019 and it feels good.  

I will be playing in Sarasota, FL on May 3rd with Cryptic Vision at the 2019 Rosfest.  I have recorded three albums with Cryptic Vision and this will be the first time selections from the 3rd album will be played live!  Many well known European prog bands are on the bill.  We open the festival on the Friday night which features us and Finnish prog band Von Hertzen Bros.  Riverside will appear Saturday night as well as Martin Barre and Clive Bunker from Jethro Tull on Sunday.

   No news yet on the re-release of Zon's Astral Projector.  There is a label in the U.K. which is wanting to re-release it.  I have also given them 3 tracks never released before.  The full version of Hollywood, Astral Projector and On the Road with totally different bridge sections from the original release.  Also, an old fan favorite,  The Battle.  Those of you who know Zon, know the Battle from the live show and the over indulgent organ solo.  A personal favorite of mine. 

For those of you following me in the PNW, I am playing with two bands here right now.  First, the always fun, always rockin' Northern Rebels.  Some good ol' Southern Rock to get any party started.  Secondly, I am playing with Budapest West.  This band is kind of a world band with many Eastern type melodies and rhythms.  We even have Santia playing the Hurdy Gurdy.  Check Facebook for live dates for both bands.

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