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     Welcome to my website one and all!! I will try to keep any news of worth up to date on this page.  I have resumed playing again after several months of dealing with an eye issue (Torn retina). The recovery from the surgery has certainly taken a very long time.  Summer has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest and I am glad to report that the live gigs are back on the schedule.  I am playing in the Seattle area with a couple of local bands and working on some new material in my studio.  No news on the 3rd Zon album on CD yet, keep your fingers crossed.


    Rock Candy, a respected label in the UK, has re-released Zon's first album, "Astral Projector".  This newly remastered version includes 4 bonus tracks!! One of which, "The Battle", is a composition of mine that was a staple in the live show but never released on an album. Here is the link to Rock Candy's website :

Don't forget, the ZON Live! CD is available on this website!!

      Aldenfield  is a progressive rock band that I put together in 2017 with three amazing musical friends of mine. (Jim Morris, Mark Prator and Ruben Drake).  This is a project I am particularly proud of.  Samples available on the Aldenfield page. The CD is available in the store for download and hard copy. I believe this is the best album I have ever done.     


      Another CD I have available is The Quietest Moments.  This is a collection of piano based pieces some of which have kind of a world music flavor.  It's good music for relaxing, meditating or just chillin' round the house.


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