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Greetings to everyone visiting my website here in early 2022.  The year is starting off slowly with the chaos created by the dreaded Covid virus.  To say this has affected the music business would be the understatement of the century.  While the world sorts out what its going to do, I'll continue writing and producing music.  Most of my new music will appear here on the website with the opportunity to purchase and download copies for your enjoyment.  The new year may have a new ZON package released including the 3rd album, "I'm Worried About The Boys" and some other bits and pieces.  I'll keep you posted about this both here and on the ZON Facebook page.  Rock Candy, a respected label in the UK, has re-released Zon's first album, "Astral Projector".  This newly remastered version includes 4 bonus tracks!! One of which, "The Battle", is a composition of mine that was a staple in the live show but never released on an album.

 Here is the link to Rock Candy's website :

Don't forget, the ZON Live! CD is available on this website!!


      Aldenfield  is a progressive rock band that I put together with three amazing musical friends who are some of the finest players in Tampa, FL.  (Jim Morris, Mark Prator and Ruben Drake).  This is a project I am particularly proud of.  Samples available on the Aldenfield page.      


      Another CD I have available is The Quietest Moments.  This is a collection of piano based pieces some of which have kind of a world music flavor.  It's good music for relaxing, meditating or just chillin' round the house.


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